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Britpop/rock, Rock Star Crushes and The Libertines

To snark is to love

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'It's like we're the Puritans sailing off to found our own utopia. If the Puritans were, like, way sexier and listened to much better music' - moodeln

This community was set up in an attempt to replace the FT Britpop/rock, Rockstar Crushes and The Libertines threads, which closed on March 10th 2005. Proper spelling and grammar are especially encouraged, but feel free to blather on about your favourite bands, musician crushees and remember to bring the snark!

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This community is moderated, after a fashion, by bouncymonkey and darkestperu.

So everything runs smoothly, kindly follow these simple guidelines:

• Spelling and grammar are your best friends. Try not to neglect them, it makes them feel sad and unloved.

• Pictures and really long posts go behind a cut. If you don’t know how to do that, read this.

• And if you don’t know how to make your links look like that instead of a big long URL, go here. Links want to feel pretty too, y’know.

• Posts containing music or video downloads should be friends locked

• No off-topic posts

• No textspeak or random spazzing. There are plenty of communities for that already. If you break this we will srsly totes ban ur ass OMGLOLWTFBBQ!!!1!!!one!!

• On a similar note, things that offend my old weary eyes will be deleted. Eg. scrolling pictures, rainbow coloured text. Just don’t, okay?

• Keep cross-posting to a minimum

• No posts promoting other communities

• No bashing of other people's posts or comments. Yes, we all have differing opinions, but we can also air our thoughts without resorting to 'You suck'. Play nice now kids, or you'll be banned.

• If you buy bouncymonkey and darkestperu iPods you may ignore these rules with impunity. Please note that iPod Shuffles do not fulfill the terms of this offer.